Do You Have Trauma? You Can Learn From Your Body How to Let That Trauma Go
I help women, who have had traumatic experiences, learn to heal so they can change their relationships and trust the body that seemed to betray them.

You can stop being overly aware and scanning for the next terrible thing. Instead, you can be here, present with your family, your friends and be in your body.

You don't have to freeze or hide anymore in your relationships or in your body. You can take up your space.

You can love others, care about them, (and for them) without betraying yourself and what you really think and feel.

Now if you are thinking, “That all sounds great, but what if it’s scary to express my thoughts (I get too angry or I forget what I want to say)?

What if it’s terrifying to feel?

What if I struggle to be in the moment and I either assert myself too much or just say what others want to hear?

What if I get triggered by so many things and break down all the time? I feel crazy.

(And what does being present and taking up space even mean)?

If this is you, I’d like to offer that your body might be trying to give you information about what trauma state you are in. For instance….

Are you constantly aware of what the worst case scenario could be and then trying not to have it happen or trying to avoid it?

Your body could be in a fight or flee survival state.

Do you feel numb, have no energy, or often feel the need to hide? When by yourself, or with others at home, church, work or in your community?

You could be in a freeze survival state.

Do you feel you have to be aware of how others feel and view things and then say or do the “right” things to make them happy?

Your body could be in a fawn survival state.

Of course, these are just a few examples of the many ways we go into flight, flee, freeze or fawn.

If you want to learn tools to first get out of these trauma states….

And then learn why knowing what these trauma states look like in your body could possibly help you heal….

I have resources and can help you figure this out.

I want to be your Trauma Trained Embodiment Coach
Here’s How to Get Started

Internal Power Chat with Cami

Do you feel you have lost power and/or choice in your relationships and in your body due to sexual or complex trauma? During this FREE 30 minute chat, we discuss tools that give you your power back. And we also discuss opportunities for us to work together so that you can tap into your inner strength while healing. Let's Go!

Go All In To Let Go

Based on my healing, I created TWO 16 week programs where I teach you tools to help you learn to let go of past abuse and trauma. We use Somatic Experiencing, Chakra Energy, Polyvagal Exercises and more to empower and embody your healing on a whole new level. BASIC FOUNDATION & EMBODIED DEEP DIVE

Breakthrough Session

In this one 75 minute session we learn how your body can use my 3 step approach to heal. Then I support you over the next 28 days by text, video explanations or messaging as you start integrating these tools. In a total of 29 days, I offer you the value of embodied tools without rushing your healing journey. See how powerful one session and one month together can be.
Hi! My name is Cami
I am a Trauma Informed Embodiment Coach
Do you have something in your life that you’d label as traumatic? I help women heal the trauma and visceral body responses that follow these experiences. They can range from BIG T (a trauma every one labels as traumatic), to LITTLE T traumas which are more subtle, add up over time and often cause COMPLEX or DEVELOPMENTAL trauma - or a combo of both.

I help women address many forms of CHILDHOOD ABUSE, specifically abuse from family and trusted friends. Those can include SEXUAL, PHYSICAL, MENTAL, RELIGIOUS, VERBAL or EMOTIONAL abuse. 

I help them find ways to LISTEN to their bodies and LET GO of the trauma that follows.

I will teach you how to gain your POWER and CHOICE back. We do this through a nonlinear 3 STEP PROCESS. My TOP DOWN mindset approach offers powerful education about trauma, how your body responds to it and new ways to think about it. My BOTTOM UP systemic, embodied approach offers tools such as Chakra Energy, Somatic Experiencing, and Polyvagal exercises to name some of the favorites. My SIDEWAYS approach offers for you to be the watcher of your healing through kindness & compassion. 

In order to LET GO, we GO ALL IN based on where your body, mind and spirit are from day to day. I’d be honored to be your coach and guide you on this journey. It’s ok to put yourself first. You got this. Let’s go!!

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