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to Let Go

ALL IN for my program can look different from day to day.

Do you have something in your life that you’d label as traumatic?

I help women heal the trauma and visceral body responses that follow these experiences.

They can range from big T (a trauma every one labels as traumatic), to little T traumas that are more subtle, add up over time and often cause Complex or Developmental trauma, to a combo of both.

I help women address many forms of childhood abuse, specifically abuse from family and trusted friends. Those can include sexual, physical, mental, spiritual or emotional abuse. I help them find ways to listen to their bodies and let go of the trauma that continually follows.  I will teach you how to gain your power and choice back.  We do this through a nonlinear 3 step approach.

My Top Down mindset approach offers powerful education about trauma and how your body responds to it. My Bottom Up systemic, embodied approach offers tools such as Chakra Energy, Somatic Experiencing, and Polyvagal exercises to name some of the favorites. My Sideways approach offers for you to be the watcher of your healing through kindness & compassion.

In order to Let Go, we go all in based on where your body, mind and spirit are from day to day.  I’d be honored to be your coach and guide you on this journey.

It’s ok to put yourself first.

You got this. Let’s go!!

Here’s a little bit of my story…

I was sexually abused by both a family member and by my family doctor.  While growing up, disturbing images would pop into my head every now and then.  I told very few people and shoved anything that surfaced back down inside of me.  I suppressed my abuse and trauma for 25 years.  

Learning self coaching tools has opened my mind to the POWER OF CHOICE and the POWER OF MY OWN VOICE.  Learning systemic movement tools (such as, somatic, polyvagal, chakra and subtle body energy flow exercises, along with trauma education) has opened my body to the POWER OF TRUST and the POWER OF MY OWN BODY’S ABILITY TO RELEASE TRAUMA. With these tools, I am now EMPOWERED TO CREATE anything in my own life.  

This has made all the difference and I love that I get to now choose my healing path and offer hope and encouragement to others.  Do you need hope and encouragement?  If anything I’ve shared sounds like what you’ve been looking for to create different results in your life, and you’d like to learn more about how we can work together, click below.  I offer a free mini session focusing on your internal power.

I want to be your life coach..

I will provide you a safe space to share your story and your truth, with no judgement.

I will teach you tools to process feelings and not run away or hide from the ones you are afraid of like shame, blame and guilt.  And how to know the difference between trauma, feelings and sensations in your body. And I will teach you trauma education and tools to release and let go of the trauma in your body.

I will tell you the truth, even if it’s hard for you to hear. I will teach you how to trust the wisdom of your own body to heal. I will empower you with tools to get rid of victim mentality and create results YOU want.

More of what I do –

Internal Power Analysis

This is incorporated in my free mini session.

Do you feel you have lost your choice in some area of your life or that life is just happening to you? We’ve got 20 min – let’s explore some tools that give you your choice back and let you be in charge of your healing. It’s your inner strength, I just help you find it!

45 min 1 on 1 Coaching

45 min of coaching where you get to have choice over what tools work for you to connect your body, mind and spirit.

Go All In to Let Go

This is my 8 week program where we dive deep to help you find your internal power and choice and help you learn to let go of past abuse and trauma.  You got this!  Let’s go!!


Cami has been the big sister and mentor that I’ve needed in my healing journey. She reached out to me first and my life hasn’t been the same. Cami is filled with so much grace and compassion. I know she knows how I feel. She was always encouraging, holding space, challenging my beliefs, offering new ones – all in a loving way and in exactly the way I needed. I was familiar with life coaching already but she really helped me to implement these principles and make them real in my own life. I feel empowered in ways I didn’t before. My life literally changed during this program. Several big things occurred that involved me and important people to me, and I don’t know what would have happened if Cami hadn’t been in my life during this time. These were vital and important changes for the better, despite the difficulties that came with them, and I’m so grateful she was there to coach me through it all and help me act from my best self. I can’t even say how grateful I am to her. Healing ultimately comes only from the Savior, but I really believe He inspires and works through people so we can access His healing. I think Cami and her program were a God-orchestrated essential part of my healing journey and I will forever be grateful. Thank you Cami, for going through your own journey, for being so generous is sharing your healing resources, for all the encouraging messages, for going through the LCS and creating this program, for being so kind and loving and straightforward too. Thanks for dealing with my weaknesses and kids too. If you had done it all just for me, it was worth it to me! Thank you Cami!!

– E.M.

I am really impressed with Cami’s knowledge about trauma and the different ways she understands how to solve it. I was drawn to Cami for her boldness about dissociation. She made it feel like it was no big deal, but for someone who just realized that’s what I was doing it seemed like a big deal! She gave me hope for something better. Cami has a great way of understanding how to work with your thoughts around trauma to help you reframe the meanings into a healthy way of thinking. Cami’s trauma informed coaching was like someone holding my hand through the darkness of EMDR. Cami’s coaching was exactly what I needed to struggle through EMDR to help me process my thoughts. Cami is very good at personalizing her coaching. She helped me understand what I was believing that was keeping me stuck in my trauma. It was such a relief to talk to Cami, who understands the heartache, pain and suffering that comes from abuse and dissociation. She helped me see there is hope for a better way to understand these things.

– N.M

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