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I am a human just like you; a wife, a mother of six, a woman continuing to heal from childhood sexual abuse and the trauma that can take over my body. I have sought to heal from feelings of loathing, blame, shame, anger, and fear, to name a few….and a belief that I lack choice and power over my own life.  Although all these feelings and thoughts still surface at times, I have found personal choice, internal power, love, growth and a connection between my mind, body and spirit to be empowering factors in my individual healing.  If any of this resonates with you, I would love to share what I have learned with you.  Most importantly, I want to teach you how to find these things for yourself.  I believe in healing and letting go through faith-based coaching tools and I beleive in helping you find your inner strength and power!

More about my journey

4-5 years ago, I felt I was at the affect of my life.  I had an amazing home and family life and yet I felt I couldn’t control anything.  I yelled at my kids, then got mad at myself for it, because I was the adult afterall…but certainly wasn’t acting like it.  But, I felt I couln’t stop it.  Then I found coaching.  I learned to self coach.  I learned to get my power back instead of giving it away.  I don’t mean power to control others, but power to control me.  I learned to get my own back. I learned I could choose how I think and feel and how I act and then I could actually create the results I wanted in my life.  It was all mind blowing!

Then repressed sexual abuse came back to me.  I had flashbacks, PTSD and betrayal trauma responses.  It was scary and awful.  I had my coach, self coaching and therapy…but I still felt so alone.  I was sexually abuse by family and a family doctor as a teen.  Sexual abuse from family and family friends is very common, so why did I feel so alone and why couldn’t I find resources and help for my specific needs?  I eventually found support.  I eventually found healing.  But I found this help through resources that weren’t specifically for my situation.  What I did has worked, but it would have been more helpful if the information was more accessible and more applicable to me.  That’s why I decided to be a coach.  I want to offer what I have learned in hopes that you don’t have to feel so alone.  In hopes that you don’t have to struggle so much.  And in hopes that you can have one more choice as a way to find your safe space to heal.



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