Breakthrough Session


This is one 75 minute session where we use my 3 step approach, to let YOUR body, mind and spirit work together, and give YOU clarity on next steps for YOUR healing.

In this session we integrate healing tools right away and then over the next 28 days we check back in once a day as I support you by text, video explanations or messaging. See how powerful one session and one month together can be.

All this for just $297. It’s the perfect way to try trauma informed embodied coaching and see how it can change your life so you are no longer controlled externally or by your trauma.



If you have felt that your life is just happening to you without any power to change it……..

You follow everybody else’s schedule (kids, husband, work, church)……you don’t have your own schedule or have the space in your relationships to choose differently and you are getting resentful………

You don’t feel anything in your body……..or you feel way too much……or you’re up and down between numb and hyper activity………

You know or think trauma is part of it but you can’t seem to figure it out or don’t want to go there…….

And all of it seems too overwhelming, hopeless, not worth it, and scary……….

Join me in a breakthrough session. I have been there and I can help you gain safety in your body, find tools that work for you and find internal strength as you navigate your life and your relationships.

You will get the link to get on my calendar after purchase.


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