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Welcome to Trauma Informed Embodied Coaching!

Based on my healing, I created this 120 day program where I teach you tools to help you learn to let go of past abuse and trauma. This Basic package gives you the foundation tools in my 3 step approach to healing. We use Mindset, Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, Chakra Energy, Polyvagal Exercises and more to empower and embody your healing on a whole new level.


In your first 120 days you will learn foundational tools in creating safety in your body as I teach and coach you through basic concepts and practices of systemic work, combined with mindset and trauma education.

We do a deep dive together in this basic program to build your body's capacity for safety, trauma release and kindness.

We use my climbing wall - meaning a nonlinear - approach to healing by using Top Down (Mindset), Bottom Up (Trauma Release) and Sideways (Kind Mindfulness) tools and techniques. This 3 step approach offers your whole body system unique ways to develop a stronger internal capacity to heal.

This connection helps you to find your inner strength and you will discover that you have choice for how your body heals and lets go of past abuse and trauma.

You can do this and I can help you figure it out. Let's get started.

1 review for Go All In To Let Go – 120 Day Basic Foundation

  1. admin

    There are too many words to even begin to explain how Cami has helped me grow and heal from my
    trauma. She is a one-of-a-kind person that is just able to understand what you are going through and
    relate to you on so many levels and will also be your biggest comfort and cheerleader! When I first
    started this program, I was not sure it would even work for me, I thought that my trauma was different,
    and since it didn’t happen to me at a young age somehow that meant “I can’t get anything out of this”. I
    did know that if I didn’t at least try to seek help that I would be worse off and end up drowning in my
    trauma each day. Cami’s 8 weeks, while they went by too fast and I wish I had more time with her, were
    filled with more knowledge than I knew my body and mind already had. I was able to figure out how to
    trust myself again and to feel safe in myself. The time and experiences and even the growth that came
    out of really applying all that I learned really helped me work with and through my trauma. I know that
    each day will still be a journey, but I have the tools and hope that one day I will no longer be controlled
    by my triggers. I can say that at the end of my sessions I was confident and felt strong enough to go out
    on a date with someone and that I was for the first time be able to tell myself that “I love you” and really
    feel it! I have been impressed with myself and the confidence I have gained getting to know myself
    better and using my tools that make me feel safe and worthy! I owe everything to Cami and the work we
    did together, she is truly a gift from God, and I am happy to call her a friend! – J.G.

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