But Trauma makes That really hard.

If you want to feel like yourself again, but wonder what that even means.....

If you think, "It's a good idea to connect with MY body, but that sounds scary because of what might or might not happen...."

if you are numb, but want to feel....

if you are tired of doing and thinking how others EXPECT, and want to find your truth....And OWn Your Truth....

If you don't know how to feel or are afraid of your emotions, thoughts, Triggers AND memories, and want that to change....

Then this class can be a safe way for you

To Get Into Your Body

April's Theme - Awakening With Polyvagal Yoga

Live Via Zoom

April 26, 2024
11:00am Pacific Time

$19 per class

Replays will be provided for all who register.

It's like our body and mind don't know how to talk to each other. Or they feel like they are at war with each other.

We often don't feel the same way we used to. Sometimes, we're not sure how to feel at all. Or we try to avoid feeling because it seems weak or scary.

We have emotions that are out of control and overwhelm us without warning. Or sometimes, we don't feel anything at all. Other times we pretend to feel how others want us to feel.

We go to our mind and try to figure everything out logically. Or think we are stupid and rely on others to tell us how to safely think and feel.

And when we go back and forth between some or all of these.....(depending on where we are or who we are with).....We. Feel. Crazy.

You are not crazy, you are living with trauma.

And Getting Into Your Body with tools based in trauma healing helps you come back home to your body and mind in a connected, safe way.

April's Theme - Awakening With Polyvagal Yoga

$19 per class

for 1 hour of guided practice as you learn more about how your body speaks to you

Replays will be provided for all who register.


  • Ways to "wake" up your vagus nerve Using Yoga and Polyvagal Tools
  • The first "wake" up is called an Anchoring practice
  • Then we will do a Sensory Awakening
  • Followed by simple Yoga Movements that adds on to the Anchoring and Sensory skills we just used
  • We will end with a Sensory Grounding practice.

I will be staying on for an extra 30 minutes afterwards for a Q&A. So be sure to schedule 1.5 hrs for this class if you want the Q&A.

I will be guiding you during these awakening practices to help you learn how, your body specifically, can tap into your vagus nerve to heal using yoga practices, meditation, and sensory processing.

These are some of the tools I use to Get Into My Body. After this class together, you will walk away with step-by-step practices that can help you start to understand your nervous system and learn what your body is telling you.

Taught by Cami Birdno

I am a trauma-informed embodiment coach trained in using body-based techniques to release trauma held in the body, mind and heart.

I also have first-hand experience healing and releasing terrifying triggers of my own suppressed trauma.

I use my training and personal experience to help my clients also heal and release trauma from their bodies.

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