Our Body Already Know How to Heal, And We Can Learn It's Language


Trapped by overwhelming emotions and trauma responses.

What if we could break free and find the safety and peace we've been longing for, plus learn the healing language of our body?

Through personalized 1:1 coaching and body-based practices, it's possible to transform our relationship with our body and step into a life that feels empowered, calm, and deeply connected with ourselves and others.

A Body that Remembers Trauma (even when we don't remember or don't want to) Often Does Things that Makes Us Feel Crazy...

Feeling trapped in a body that seems to have a mind of its own—remembering trauma in every twitch and racing heartbeat is scary and feels like crazy town. It's a reality, where simple daily tasks can trigger overwhelming emotional responses that leave us feeling blindsided. We try to push through, to carry on as if everything is normal, but the weight of so many unspoken burdens grows heavy.

We search for answers in self-help books and in workshops promising quick fixes, only to get temporary relief that fades as soon as life throws another curveball.

It’s easy to compare as we watch others navigate life's challenges with grace and ease. We wonder why they don’t seem to constantly battle against themselves, like we do.

We criticize ourselves over the moments in our relationships when we've lashed out in frustration, anger or fear OR retreated into silence seeking some form of safety—hopelessness haunts us, leaving us to question if we'll ever regain control.

We often convince ourselves that this is just how life is meant to be, that some people are destined to carry their pain silently, afraid, like us, to admit we need help.

But deep down, we know (and hope) there must be another way—a way to reclaim our body, our emotions, our thoughts and our life from the trauma that wants to run our lives.

I invite us to think of a day when our body can feel like a safe, wise place. We might wake up feeling off or a little triggered but we aren’t afraid because we know how to get to a calm place.

And some days we wake up with zero triggers, ready and excited for the day ahead.

Our connections with others and ourselves are strong.

We know, and they know, that we can own our stuff, apologize and then repair where needed.

We handle challenges confidently, giving ourselves space to change our mind when needed and permission to feel a range of emotions because we know we can release the trauma that might come up.

We feel in control trusting we can give ourselves safety and love when needed. Knowing sometimes we will still feel out of control and wont be able to show up for ourselves and that's ok because we trust our ability to ground and settle back in to the safety of who we are.

I am a trauma-informed embodiment coach. Trained in using body-based techniques to release trauma held in the body, mind and heart.

I also have first-hand experience healing and releasing terrifying triggers of my own suppressed trauma.

I use my training and personal experience to help my clients also heal and release trauma from their bodies.

I love early morning runs by myself or connecting with family and friends for a trail adventure. Getting a good chat in while I mountain bike, hike, ski and snowshoe fills me up.

My adventurous husband and 6 kids keep me busy with all their sporting events, outdoor activities, and friend hang outs. Weekends are filled with kid activities but when we are “free”, you will find us in a canyon, rappelling off cliffs or rafting on a river, (sometimes both in one trip).

Most of my life I was numb to my body, so being outside and using my body was a safe way to feel. Now that I've created safety in other areas of my life, being outside is more than safety, it's also a place to experience joy in an embodied way. More than with just my mind.


Let me take you back to when my life seemed perfect—a loving family, a beautiful home, and a love for outdoor adventures.

But underneath, I was numb, disconnected and often dissociated from my emotions and body.

Frustrations with my children and a growing distance in my marriage (that my husband saw and talked a lot about, but that I couldn't see, but wanted to) made me willing to look at things differently.

As a mindset coach, I believed in the power of reframing thoughts, but these tools fell short when it came to my trauma.

This led me to explore body based healing tools—breathwork, somatic experiencing, yoga and chakras, inner child work, polyvagal theory and somatic EMDR. Each modality helped me become more embodied and understand how to release my traumas.

As I share my journey, I invite you notice what feels true for you with your own struggles and dreams.

The application of these tools, based on my own healing journey (and many trauma recovery trainings), are here to help you reclaim the parts of your body, mind and heart that were lost, fragmented and/or disconnected within your body due to trauma.

So, if you are seeking help to learn tools and how to apply them to your healing, from someone who understands what it's like to heal trauma, I'd like to

I honor all the work, you've done to get to this point. It's takes bravery, and strength to turn towards the known and unknown parts of our trauma. Especially when it feels so unsafe.

Welcome to Basic Foundations where we can create this safety together.

Safety in Reclaiming

With 1:1 guidance, unique to you, I invite you to Go All In and get into your body so you can Let Go. Knowing that what it might mean to Go All In varies from day to day and moment to moment. Honoring this helps to gain back our choice and our power.

Listening to Our Body

​Healing accelerates as we listen to our body and learn it's language. Plus it's got lots of wisdom to share. In this program, mindset shifts are integrated through diving into body (somatic) based modalities. These are designed to reclaim control over our body's responses and find peace within ourselves.

Releasing Trauma

Imagine a life where trauma no longer dictates your reactions—releasing the trauma that once boxed us in and held us back creates safety for us to safely explore and heal.

Guided by personalized coaching and a toolkit of proven techniques,

I invite you into a journey of empowerment and healing. Are you ready to discover how to trust your body's innate ability to heal and thrive?

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